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    Product certification and process certification have different roles inside the quality assurance process. The first sort shows that a product has gone by quality assurance and testing which match the relevant local or international standards. Additionally, the product or service certification process “involves assessing the manufacturer’s production systems and facilities, and selecting representative examples of finished products for testing by independent accredited testing facilities.”

    However, process certification focuses on assessing the standard of the business processes that cause the ultimate product. Both forms of certification ought to be baked into your business’ quality assurance framework. This is a introduction to the importance of product certification along with the steps you must decide to use obtain it.

    The advantages of Product Certification

    Trust is the most essential theme when discussing the benefits product certification provides. Ultimately, to expect building consumer confidence which means that your business sticks out within a sea of competitors. There are 2 benefits which stem from this:

    The ability to expand your usage

    Competitive advantage

    Expand Your Usage

    You do have a loyal customer base that you have worked hard to create. That is ideal, but you can still find several local and international customers who know little (reely) concerning your brand. That they’ve heard of it from relatives (or friends), or happened upon your website while browsing the world wide web, but how are they going to really trust that your brand consistently produces good quality products without tangible evidence.

    Internationally accepted product certification marks provide this evidence so helping win their trust. Furthermore, an item certification mark:

    Assures the consumer a reputable certification body did the requisite constraints to ensure that the successfully tested product mirrors the item for sale

    Suggests that the company has brought a certification listing

    Provides proof that the manufacturer has audited consistently

    Gain Competitive Advantage

    It follows that winning the trust of potential clients increases your brand’s competitive advantage. Companies without product certification spend more time and cash attempting to win that trust. Some are unsuccessful.

    The product or service Certification Process

    The item certification process begins by identifying a reputable product certification body. Starting here makes sure that you can find the body’s certification requirements which enable it to create a strategy for meeting them. It ought to be noted that ISO does not provide certification. Therefore, ISO/IEC 17065:2012 can be used as a guide for understanding internationally accepted product certification standards nevertheless, you must contact a certification body to obtain official product certification, ones there are a few from the Caribbean.

    The steps to complete the product certification process are the following.

    Conduct a niche analysis. Where is your organization falling short using the requirements in the standard?

    Receive technical support to deal with the gaps.

    Test the refined product against the benchmark.

    Apply for the state run assessment.

    Increase the risk for recommended modifications (or no are suggested).

    Receive certification.

    Consistently evaluate and increase the product.

    Final Words

    Product certification and process certification are crucial portions of the standard assurance process. Inevitably, product certification increases your subscriber base helping your brand gain competitive advantage. You should be the change by obtaining product certification for the business.

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